Top DIY Tips for Basic Air Conditioner Maintenance


Effective AC Maintenance Tips and Why They Matter

Keeping your air conditioner (AC) in excellent condition, especially in places with hot climates such as Winter Park and Orlando, FL, is essential for maintaining indoor comfort. Regular AC service, such as what Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC offers, can prevent significant issues and save on expensive AC repair costs. However, you can also perform basic maintenance tasks to keep your AC unit running smoothly.

The first and foremost tip is regular cleaning of your AC unit. Dust and dirt can accumulate on the AC filters over time, causing the system to work harder, which can lead to inefficiency and potential failure. Cleaning or replacing the filter every month during high use seasons and at least once during the fall and spring can enhance the efficiency of your AC unit.

Inspection of Thermostat and Coils

Regular inspection of your thermostat is another crucial aspect of AC maintenance. Ensure that your thermostat is working correctly and maintaining the right temperature. If you’re still using a mechanical thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable model for better energy efficiency and accurate temperature control.

The evaporator and condenser coils of your AC unit are other components that need routine checks. These coils can collect dirt over months and years of service which can insulate the coils and reduce airflow. Therefore, check your coils every year and clean them as necessary.

The Importance of Professional AC Service

While DIY maintenance can help, nothing compares to an expert inspection and tune-up from a professional HVAC service provider. Altamonte Springs and Oviedo, FL residents can take advantage of comprehensive AC maintenance services from industry-leading companies.

Professional AC service includes routine inspection and adjustment of all components, ensuring that the entire system works as efficiently as possible. They can detect and fix AC issues that may be difficult for an untrained eye to spot, preventing potential system failure and costly repair or replacement.

Air Conditioning Installation Tips

When it’s time for a new AC unit, professional air conditioning & HVAC installation is essential. An expert can ensure that the system is installed correctly, guaranteeing efficient operation and optimal comfort. If you’re installing a new AC unit in your home in Winter Park, Orlando, Altamonte Springs, or Oviedo, FL, consider working with a trusted local HVAC company for best results.

Proper sizing and correct installation are essential for your AC unit to deliver the most efficient performance. It’s not just about choosing a brand but the right model to suit the specific cooling requirements of your space.

In conclusion, regular AC maintenance, coupled with professional AC services, can extend the lifespan of your air conditioning unit, saving you money and keeping your home comfortable all year round.