Shine with Comfort around the Clock


When George introduced Sunshine Air Conditioning, Inc. to his small hometown, he had a purpose. Infused with determination and poured his soul into making every home a consolation against the sweltering heat. Today, we are proud to continue George’s legacy with outstanding AC Maintenance and AC Installation services.

Picture a sweltering summer day, the heat siphoning off your energy. But the moment you step inside your haven, a wave of cool comfort washes over you. This is the feeling Sunshine Air Conditioning Inc. aims to deliver to each of our valuable customers.

Our skilled team of technicians works with meticulous detail to ensure your AC units are always in prime condition – offering relief when you need it the most. AC Maintenance is not just a service for us. It’s a long-term commitment towards comfort. Let our professional crew help you invest in your peace of mind.

Installations don’t have to be intimidating. We guarantee that our AC Installation services will be a breeze. Pick Sunshine Air Conditioning Inc. as your climate comfort partner. Stand with us as we march towards a more refreshing future.