Exploring and Debunking Common Myths around AC Repair and Heating Services


When it comes to AC repair and heating services, there are a fair few myths that seem to swirl around these topics. In this blog, we’re going to debunk some of these tall tales about AC repairs in Lincoln, RI and East Providence, RI and furnace replacements in East Greenwich, RI and Warwick, RI. Alongside this, we will be discussing heating and cooling myths in Cranston, RI and tackling those heating repair and service misconceptions in Johnston, RI.

The myth: More frequent starts save energy

One common myth that we often hear is that the more frequently your AC or heating system is turned on and off, the more energy it saves. This, however, is not true. Instead, frequently starting or stopping your system can actually make it work harder, leading to increased wear and tear. It is much more energy-efficient to find a comfortable temperature and keep your system running at a consistent level. This misconception about the efficiency of AC systems is a classic example of how untrue stories can influence how we use these essential home appliances.

The myth: An oversized AC system will cool your home faster

Another common myth is that a larger AC system will cool your home faster. Yes, oversized systems will chill your home quickly, but they fail to remove humidity effectively. This can lead to a damp, clammy feeling in your home. In addition, these systems are often less energy-efficient and don’t last as long due to the frequent cycling between on and off. When it comes to beating the summer heat, size does not always matter!

The myth: Furnaces don’t need to be replaced unless they break down

A popular myth specifically targeted towards furnace replacement in East Greenwich, RI and Warwick, RI is the notion that a furnace only needs to be replaced when it stops working. This is far from reality. An aging furnace, even if it is operational, may not function at its optimal efficiency, leading to heightened energy bills. Regular maintenance checks and understanding your furnace’s lifespan is key in determining the right time for replacement.

In conclusion, separating reality from myths when it comes to AC repairs, heating services, and furnace replacements can help customers make more informed decisions about the needs of their systems. At American Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., we pride ourselves on giving honest advice and top-quality services. Don’t let misconceptions dictate your home comfort needs. Take control today!