Ensuring Comfortable Summers Through Quality AC Services


At Grissom Service Company, it’s our goal to deliver optimal home comfort to the Birmingham, AL area. Our most chronicled case study involves a Central Air Replacement in Birmingham carried out by our top-notch team. The previous system of our client was old and inefficient, causing increased energy bills and variable indoor temperatures. Our seasoned technicians diagnosed the situation and recommended a cost-effective, energy-saving central air replacement.

For another client in Mountain Brook, we conducted extensive AC repair. Their AC unit was not cooling the house effectively, leading to discomfort on hot summer days. Our team promptly diagnosed a refrigerant leak and fixed it with precision, hence restoring the system’s cooling capacity.

A customer from Hoover benefited from our trustworthy AC maintenance, enhancing their unit’s life and proficiency. These instances prove our commitment to serve our customers with impeccable AC service, backed by thorough expertise. Whether it’s an AC installation or air conditioning service, we consistently maintain our superior service standards. With Grissom Brother Service Company, rest assured your comfort is our top priority.