Conquering the Heat: Our Journey in Air Conditioning Services


In the scorching summer of 1980, two friends in the Crystal River community had a vision to make Florida homes cool and comfortable. They combined their knowledge in electronics and dedication to customer satisfaction to form what is now known as Bay Area Air Conditioning.

Our Humble Beginnings

Across the years, our efforts have helped us gain the trust of homeowners and businesses alike. From the sleepy town of Crystal River to the bustling city of New Port Richey, our team has worked tirelessly to provide reliable air conditioning repair, service, and installation. Our reputation is built on delivering efficient cooling solutions, thereby transforming the way Floridians handle the heat.

Building a Cooler Future

Looking forward, Bay Area Air Conditioning promises to continue its mission of superior service. Whether it’s a routine AC check-up or an emergency repair in the wee hours, our team is always ready. With a goal of creating a cooler, more comfortable Florida, Bay Area Air Conditioning is committed to surpassing expectations, one air-conditioned space at a time.