Comfort Plus Services: A Story of Service and Regeneration


Comfort Plus Services began its mission of providing superior heating repair, furnace repair, and air conditioning service to the Millsboro, DE, Parsonsburg, MD, and Grasonville, MD communities over a decade ago. Established by a small team of dedicated technicians, the team quickly grew as the demand for Comfort Plus Services increased.

The team aimed to provide not only the highest quality of service, but also to serve as an example of how a business can provide a positive impact on the community. From the start, Comfort Plus Services worked with local schools, nonprofits, and government entities to establish partnerships that allowed them to provide special pricing and services to those looking to stay warm and comfortable in their homes and businesses.

Soon enough, Comfort Plus Services was praised for its exceptional service, and their reputation grew to become one of the most respected names in the industry. The team strives to continue to be an example of service and regeneration, providing not only superior service, but also providing a positive impact on the community through their participation in local events and charitable activities.

Comfort Plus Services stands for more than just heating, furnace, and air conditioning services. They stand for the regeneration and revitalization of the communities they serve. With each service call, the team works hard to ensure the comfort of those who are in need, while also promoting a sense of connection and community. This is the mission that Comfort Plus Services has stood for since day one. Learn more about Comfort Plus Services here.