A Day in the Life: Delivering Quality Furnace and Heating Services at Grissom Service Company


There’s something incredible about making someone’s day, and that’s what an employee at Grissom Service Company gets to achieve constantly. We specialize in a variety of services including Furnace Service, Heating Repair, Furnace Replacement, Heater Installation, and more. This blog post takes you through a typical day in the life of an employee at our Alabama-based company.

Early Morning: Assignments and Briefings

The day starts bright and early, with employees coming into our Birmingham, AL, Hoover, AL & Mountain Brook, AL offices. Each team member assigned their tasks for the day, which can include anything from an urgent heating repair to a planned furnace replacement. We understand the importance of a functional heating system, especially during the winter months, making each job a critical operation.

Mid-Morning to Afternoon: Site Visits and Services

Following the briefings, the majority of the day is spent out in the field attending to service calls. Whether it’s getting to the root of a heating issue or installing a brand new furnace, each job offers the opportunity to make a positive impact on someone’s day. Onsite work varies greatly, and it’s crucial to troubleshoot and adapt to effectively solve different problems.

Late Afternoon: Documentation and Debrief

After a day of hard work, it’s back to the office to finalize the paperwork. Whether it’s for Heating Service or heater installation, proper documentation ensures that every job is accounted for, and the customer’s needs are met. A team debrief follows, where challenges and success stories are shared, continuously improving our service quality.

Every day at Grissom Service Company is as unique as the versatile range of services we offer. It’s the challenge — and the satisfaction that comes with resolving that challenge — that makes every moment worthwhile. It’s more than just a job; it’s about making a difference one service call at a time.