A Day in the Life at Core Progression Personal Training: Encouraging Fitness Beyond Boundaries


Welcome to a day in the life at Core Progression Personal Training, where we focus on individual needs and fitness goals. We provide customized workout plans for various stages in a person’s life, including pregnancy and post-pregnancy. We believe in maintaining fitness levels, not just for the present moment, but also in preparation for future challenges.

The Morning: Kicking Start with Prenatal Pregnancy Exercise in Austin, TX

My day begins bright and early in beautiful Austin, TX, focusing on prenatal pregnancy exercises. Working with expectant mothers is always exhilarating. We ensure these exercises are performed safely, focusing on maintaining energy levels and preparing for childbirth. Each workout plan is tailor-made, merging the expectant mother’s fitness level, pregnancy stage, and personal preferences.

Afternoon: Powering Through with Athletic Training in Downtown Denver, CO

As the sun shines high, I head to our downtown Denver branch, where I work with our athletic training clients. Our athletic training sessions are designed to ensure peak performance for athletes, helping them achieve and maintain optimal physical condition. Be it strength training, endurance workouts, or flexibility exercises, we meticulously curate each routine adapting to the athlete’s specific requirements.

Evening: Unwinding With Post Pregnancy Exercise in Northglenn, CO

As the day slows down, I travel to Northglenn, CO. Here, I work closely with mothers in their post-pregnancy phase. We focus on regaining strength, losing baby weight, and emphasizing overall body toning. We also concentrate on creating a nurturing platform for mothers to interact and share their experiences, forging a bond beyond the gym premises.

Being a part of Core Progression Personal Training is more than just being an employee; it means being part of a team that continually strives to promote and facilitate fitness at every stage and every age. Each day is phenomenal, filled with energy, enthusiasm, and the power to make a difference.